June 08, 2004

Queen's birthday

If we became a republic would we then lose this long weekend? Or would we keep the holiday and give it a new name? Perhaps it could be given an honest name like Desperately Needed Long Weekend? Perhaps it would be the President's Birthday weekend. Or we could have another National Day, and call it New Zealand Day - that would suit my husband...

Do Not run out of catfood during a long weekend. Everyone will regret it.

C weed during nappy changes about 3 times over 3 years. This new kid can do it every nappy change, and it is costing us time and money in wet clothes. I never changed baby 1 this many times in 24 hours for any reason.

Buying disposable pads to soak up excess milk (which I have LOTS of) has made me very much happier. I no longer have a perpetually damp chest.

I know nothing about Ronald Reagan, so have no comment to make at the occaision of his death - George Dubbya will not have such a silent send off.

Thesis time...

Posted by Toni at June 8, 2004 12:45 PM

> Desperately Needed Long Weekend

That's what Labour weekend is for, no?

I vote for "Desperately Needed Additional Long Weekend.

Posted by: suraya at June 9, 2004 12:39 PM