May 18, 2004

Return of my life

I feel like when this baby gets itself out of me, I will get my life back. At the moment I can't even do simple things, like pick stuff off the floor without planning for how I am going to get back up. I look out my window beside my work station here, and see weeds that I can't pull out because I can't get at the blighters. I can't sleep in my usual positions, can't do the exercises I would choose to, can't even enjoy my food because of the heartburn. Wimper whinge whine moan groan grumble complain!

The sun is shining, the dog is happy because she had another walk, we are still within our budget, and I rang statistical supervisor and have proved myself not to be too stupid. Life is good, really.

Posted by Toni at May 18, 2004 02:29 PM