May 17, 2004

Reporting in

Had a good weekend, though it has obviously taken a lot out of me - I just woke up from a 2.5 hour sleep.

Went out on Saturday night to James's party, to celebrate his 30th. Its a bit bloody irritating as at 30 he has fancy cars, a large house, and computer and photographic toys to die for. We have none of that and are OLDER. Jealousy is so attractive, isn't it? But the party was a lot of fun, I met some people I would very much like to meet again, did some dancing and didn't miss the alcohol at all. Quite a bit of pregnancy talk, but with only a week to my due date, I guess I carry a Cversation topic before me!

Also got back the prints from the photos, and they are fabulous. James has tweaked them a bit, and played round with the colour, blurred them, fiddled with the background etc, and I am very impressed. Even more impressive, he doesn't want to be paid - says he hasn't done that kind of shoot before so doesn't need money, the experience was worth it. I did point out he is supposed to be running business there, but he doesn't care, and our finances ain't so grand so I'm willing to take the gift. I'll bring prints to the next stonesoup gathering if it is not too far away, and if you want to see you can then...

Sonia took me out for a early coffee on Sunday, and we talked about statistics. I feel much better about all these damn chi-squares, turns out I wasn't completely behind the eight-ball interpreting them. So I will plunk away on them, work out what I don't understand, and then ring the statistical leader.

Read a Fantastic book yesterday, The Bad Mothers Handbook, by Kate Long. Its a first novel, about three women in a family, who all live together. The gran has dementia and a colustomy bag, the middle one has just found out she is adopted and is dreaming of being rescued from her life by a man, and finding out she is really more upper class than working class, and the youngest is sitting her A levels, is an A student, and has managed to get herself pregnant to a complete jerk. Read it. Funny, poignant and a very bloody good read. Without sentimentality either.

Posted by Toni at May 17, 2004 04:51 PM

Only a week!? Wow, that was sudden. (Well, it was from where I'm sitting, anyway. ;) Good luck!


Posted by: iona at May 17, 2004 11:36 PM