October 10, 2003

the day's haul

Friday theme - kissing

In the course of the average day I might get
- a french kiss from the dog, who gets very excited every morning when she is let out of her kennel, and forgets she has been told NOT to DO THAT every time she has done it
- little nose push kisses from Taj the siamese, who needs thorough loving every morning to make up for the neglect all through the night
- multiple kisses from hubby, just because we do that stuff
- maybe a kiss, maybe a lick, maybe nothing from the son, who can feel very affectionate or not depending on something we haven't tracked down. Perhaps it really is random...
- no kissing at work
- repeats on the cat, hubby and kid when I get home.

Worst kiss - when my grandfather stuck his tongue in my mouth when I was about 8

Best kiss - dunno, there have been a lot of good ones actually

Longest - this guy I met from South America who didn't seem to need to breathe

Most memorable - this first time my son actually kissed back - he'd got the muscles sorted out, and was real pleased with himself, lots of mutual happiness!

Posted by Toni at October 10, 2003 12:13 PM