October 07, 2003

Time jitters

I felt like I was pulling myself out of death this morning when the alarm went off. If sleep is the little death, I suspect it got a bit out of hand last night. Getting here yesterday and finding the clock assuring me it was only 7 in the morning was disturbing, but this morning the full pain of losing the sleep hit me. So I'm lying there, trying to get the molecules together when the cat took a shortcut across my face and scratched me just below the eye. That got me up - she spent a while outside, and was placed in the great outdoors with what I believe is called grim determination.

This daylight saving lark is not all bad, it was nice to get home in the daylight, and have time to titivate the garden before tea.

Still no outlook today, have no idea where I am meant to be or when. Even the university had a more reliable system - I don't believe the problem is outlook, I think the server has been pissed round with too much.

A friend was having a scan yesterday to see if her baby is still alive - keeps all the stress at work in perspective... We Cceived on the same day, making it seem much more personal.

Posted by Toni at October 7, 2003 08:29 AM