June 05, 2009

the wind up

Well, it looks like there isn't a quorum to keep stonesoup going, so I'm going to call it a day.

I'll be starting a blog collection at clockworkfish.co.nz or similar (possibly stonesoup.clockworkfish.co.nz), please get in touch if you want to migrate there. I think independent blog hosting is important, and I like that all the stonesoup blogs are through people who know people.

I'll be archiving all the sites, and you're welcome to a copy of your site if you want. Generally you can import entries into other blogging software, though your milage may vary. I'm also happy to put in redirects from the stonesoup blogs to wherever - just tell me where you're landing up.

While I'm keen on the next incarnation of my online space, I'm sad to end this. It's been grand, and I've been very glad to be part of this community - it's been a privilege and a very cool part of the internet.

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