May 31, 2004

Ew! Spam!

As you've probably noticed, we've been deluged with spam this weekend. I had about two hundred comments linking to loathesome sites before I waded my way to MT Blacklist and banned them. MT Blacklist blocked a couple of hundred, too. The ones that got through were from three new sites we didn't have blacklisted.

I cleared them out of everyone's blogs but unfortunately I can't retrieve the emails, so your inboxes will be clogged with notifications. Yuck.

I'm considering implementing one of those type-this-number-into-a-box Turing tests. The main argument against it (aside from whether or not it would be easy for spammers to ignore) is accessibility.

I don't know whether anyone reads stonesoup with a speaking browser, say, or via any other method that would trip over a What's-in-this-image? test. If so, I'd be interested to know it (via comments or email) if you don't mind saying.

What do the rest of y'all think?

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May 25, 2004

Friday theme: Interruption.

So I was walking through the forest minding my own business when all of a sudden a wolf jumped out at me. She said:

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May 18, 2004

Friday theme: as you like it


bananas are neat.

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May 11, 2004

Friday theme: Apocalypse

Inspired by Debbie

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May 03, 2004

Live appearances by Fionnaigh and Dave

Spoken word gig this Friday at Photospace Gallery on Courtenay Place. Be cool to meet some of you there (overseas bloggers excused).

spoken word jpeg.JPG

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Friday theme: Childish

I resist putting in a theme that is too serious, I refuse to become a political Friday Themes poster. I stick with whimsy.

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