May 23, 2003

If I make a toaster-oven joke will anyone get it?

Another new stonesouper: please give a big warm welcome to Toni of Incremental Progress.

(Do I get extra recruitment points for running into her in the Picton Ferry Terminal on Friday night, and convincing her of the joys of blogging within less than a week??!)

*Grin* Okay, so she's been reading other blogs for a while. I can't take all the credit. But still, I think I must be nearing the requirements for a toaster-oven. :-)

We'll add Incremental Progress to the homepage once Toni's gotten started.

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May 20, 2003

Here we grow again

Please give it up for Siobhann and the Cankerous Beet. Her new blog joins us today. Given the general uncommincative nature of cyber john boy I've booted him off the home page. When he starts talking we can come back and play with the other kids.

In the meantime let's welcome our first blog poster from Glasgow. (cue Kermit the frog like YAYAAAAAY!)

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May 16, 2003

Yay for T-shirts

Three cheers for Fionnaigh's super screenprinting skills:

Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray!


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May 10, 2003

Another stonesouper

Welcome to Lani and her new blog, zog's blog. It's even possible that I managed to set it up correctly and it'll work and everything. Well, I can dream...

And hey, look, I hacked the homepage (Kim, don't be mad!) and added her to the recent entries list too.

And what am I doing on-line at this time on a Saturday night? Oh come on, you're not really surprised are you?

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May 08, 2003


Dear Stonesoupers (and friends),

I was going to suggest a stonesoup lunch for tomorrow but I got distracted and I think I've left it too late. At least, it's too late for me. So how about next Friday? At, say, the Krazy Lounge? 12.30? Whadday'all reckon?

(Other suggestions gratefully received.)

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May 06, 2003

Home Page Mission

I've done a bit of a marathon session with the homepage. All sorts of mad styles and a few little bits that might make life more interesting. You'll notice a number in brackets () after the entry title. This is the number of comments that entry has.

Still working out some colours, but that will do for now. Given the number of authors, I thought 2MC should get two entries. Let me know if this works for you.

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Logfiles Weekly Report

Hey crew,

I've moved up some processed reports. They are bloody huge! I don't fancy doing this on weekly basis, but they are interesting none the less. Going to investigate other less bandwidth/drive space hogging options. (Maybe just a text only version). In any event, not all the blog reports are in place yet, so please be patient (did I mention these filese were huge?). Have a look here.

Iona, do you think we should password protect this info?

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May 05, 2003


Hey there.

Just wanted to let you all know that, as far as I'm aware, stonesoup isn't backed up. That means for safety's sake it'd be good if you were regularly backing up your blog. The easiest way to do this is to click Import/Export in the menu, and export it, then copy and paste the entire thing into Word or something and save it (either onto your hard disk or CD or whatever). The export function includes comments.


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links and webpage

Hey everybody, Hope all is well :) I still haven't figured how to add links to my site or to change the look of my site for that matter. It is true I'm not good at reading instructions...but I have tried.
much aroha

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Hey, it's Monday

Don't forget to grab those stats (since none of us know how to).


Hey, while I'm posting, any of the geeks out there know why if I scan photos they look really blurry on my blog? They look fine if I just open them from my computer, or use them in word, or email them, or anything else, but when I stick them on beautiful monsters, suddenly they are out of focus. (For an example see the photo of Stadshuset, which was scanned, compared to Alyson Hannigan, who was snatched from someone elseís website. Why does she look fine? (Uh, I know the answer to that. But why isnít she blurry?)

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