May 05, 2003

links and webpage

Hey everybody, Hope all is well :) I still haven't figured how to add links to my site or to change the look of my site for that matter. It is true I'm not good at reading instructions...but I have tried.
much aroha

Posted by indiginz at May 5, 2003 11:53 AM

To change the look of the site, you can replace or fiddle with the style sheet (under templates). More style sheets are available at

To add links to your homepage, as far as I can work out, you have to mess with the Main Index template.

To add links within blog entries, select the text and click the URL button.

Gotta run. Hope that helps.

Posted by: iona at May 5, 2003 12:24 PM

Hey wow, I never noticed the URL button. That would be easier...

So... changing how things look… nothing to do with instructions, it’s just really confusing. Iona had done it before and we still couldn’t work it out (even with technical assistance via telephone).

Go to and on the left, under resources, click on default styles. If you click on the screenshot for each one, it shows you what it looks like. Once you’ve chosen one you sort of like, copy the html code. Then login to stonesoup, and at the left click on templates, and go to stylesheet. Select the whole thing, and then paste the new style you’ve just copied from moveable type.

Then you can play around with it, changing the colours and fonts. You can go here to choose colours. Anywhere in the stylesheet where it says #cc9933 or #fff or something similar, that’s a colour. It took us a while to work out which colours changed which bits... just play around.

Oh, and somewhere on too many cooks is a complicated explanation of the colour codes by Giles…


Posted by: Fi at May 5, 2003 07:35 PM