July 19, 2006

email this post and notify others disabled

Hi guys,

The spam wars continue quietly in the background.

I have noticed that the scripts which execute the "email this post" and "add me to notifications list" are being misused by spammerz. After checking that noone was using the functionality (and I don't think anyone is), I've turned them off.

I've tested the 'Email new comments?' functionality, and it still works.`

If I am wrong, and someone has functionality which is now broken, please accept my embarrassed apologies and email me or comment with details.

Otherwise, viva la dialogue!

Posted by stonesoup at July 19, 2006 09:43 PM | TrackBack

Thanks for all the background work, it really is much appreciated. Your spam measures seem to be working pretty well as far as I can tell, as when blacklist was down there was a huge increase in spam and now it hardly exists as far as I am concerned. Is there any quick and simple way to turn off comments on old entries? Iona was looking at something that would automatically turn off comments on entries more than five days old - I think that would help too...?

Posted by: toni at July 20, 2006 08:21 AM