beautiful monsters: Threatened

August 21, 2007


A list of the common names of a few of the world's endangered species of snails

(mostly from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Wikipedia)

Cherrystone Drop
Wing Snaggletooth
Bruneau hot springsnail
Occult Vertigo
Lacy Elimia
Hidden Pebblesnail
Rolling Pebblesnail
Painted rocksnail
Magazine Mountain Middle-toothed Snail,
Bliss Rapids Snail
Flat-spired three-toothed snail
Noonday snail
Painted snake coiled forest snail
Snake River physa snail
Virginia fringed mountain snail
Tumbling Creek Cavesnail
Glutinous snail
Little whirlpool ram's-horn snail
Narrow-mouthed whorl snail
Sandbowl snail
Banded Dune Snail
Spiny River Snail
Pondoland Cannibal Snail
Short Samoan Tree Snail
Painted snake coiled forest snail

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