beautiful monsters: In town

February 05, 2005

In town

It was completely mad tonight. I saw two guys with capes, and one of them had flames on his tights, and they both had mullets. There was a whole flock of Red Riding Hoods, and a few wolves. A troop of guys wearing camouflage t-shirts that said ďHa! Now you canít see me.Ē A grown man wearing a nappy and babyís bonnet. Swarms of nurses and doctors, firemen and cops, playboy bunnies and countless tinsel wigs. It must make it so much easier to spot your friends in a crowd if youíre all wearing turbans or Dr Seuss style hats. And everyone seemed so cheerful, I almost wanted to dress up too, if it wasnít all about rugby. I had to look it up on Wikipedia to find out why itís called Sevens (duh).

And the fireworks were pretty, especially if you forgot about the fact they were probably made by children in highly dangerous conditions, and stopped worrying about the environmental impact and weather the birds and the jellyfish and the mussels got scared. And really, itís pretty amazing what they can do. I mean, how do they actually do it? The ones that make shapes like hearts, and the ones that spiral round and round, and the ones that are red on one side and green on the other, and the ones that hang in the sky for ever, and the ones that shriek like banshees and swarm around like bees, and the ones that sound like rain. How do they do all that, just with gunpowder?

The Chinese woman next to me was holding a chubby baby. He was fast asleep, and one of his hands was squeezed into a fist, and one of his legs was hanging down all floppy as though it was made of rubber, and how could anyone sleep through all that banging?

By halfway through there was so much smoke in the sky all the stars had disappeared and even the fireworks were hard to see. I was watching from a quiet spot away from the crowds, cos crowds freak me out and I was only there in the first place cos Iíd missed the bus. I tried to leave before the end so I could catch the next bus before the crowds came back, but the bus was late and soon I was getting pushed and shoved. The smoke was starting to fall and I was wheezing and people were starting to rub their eyes, and some were coughing. The bus drove a couple of meters past me and all these people jumped on, and I was just about to step up but the driver said ďno moreĒ and shut the doors. And the next bus was full, and the next one, so I walked down to an earlier stop and even then when the bus came it was already packed and I had to stand, and have I mentioned how much I hate crowds, and by this time I was trying not to cry. We moved at about walking pace, or maybe slower, until we got past Courtney Place and then we got going and Iím safe now, but still feeling really stressed.

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