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February 04, 2005

Last night I dreamed that my broccoli plants were sick and my mum suggested spraying them with something but I just poured it on from a jug instead, and then the plants died and the ground was blue with a hard crust. And I was going out with O (my first boyfriend, we went to the Lion King and held hands which I think was just me being pushy) but in my dream he broke up with me on account of the chemicals. I was devastated, and I made him a book with delicate sketches of tiny little insects, and on the last page it said “I can’t believe you’d end it just because of one little mistake, and anyway, the garden was all self-contained with concrete all around..." I gave the book to his brother to give to him, and then I woke up thinking “isn’t it odd that in all the time we’ve both lived in Wellington I’ve only bumped into O once?”


Yesterday I collected money at the Sevens Parade, for the Save the Children Tsunami appeal. I don’t know what possessed me – I hate crowds, I ritually avoid anything that has anything to do with rugby, it was damn hot and I think I have OOS from bucket rattling, but actually it was kinda fun. And those weird plastic things you’ve seen StC people carrying around in buckets? They’re not drinking mugs for babies or whatever else you might have imagined; they actually make an impressively loud noise.

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