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September 20, 2004


Want to support a party who oppose GE, economic globalisation and university fees, while supporting Maori self-determination, organic agriculture and making the arts affordable for everyone? But before you sign up, think about whether you want to picket outside Asian foodcourts, and picket anti-racism meetings. Not to mention marching against civil unions. Yup, all this and more is bundled into the political group who call themselves the National Front.

Knowing thy enemy is becoming more and more complicated. Remember the days when enemies were the opposite of everything you stood for? No, me either, but wouldn’t it be simpler? Thank God for the Greens, who still seem to echo most of my values.

If you’re in Christchurch you might want to avoid (or protest against) the National Front’s "Return the streets back to New Zealand campaign". Apparently Christchurch has “so many Asian signs and languages written on widows it is hard to tell what country we are in when in the city. Our Library and other public facilities have been taken over by the Foreigners. It is time to give the Central City back to the people of Christchurch. It seems is not important for them to respect our language and culture any more, they are waving flags of victory. They are rubbing it in our face that they are here whether we like it or not and they have no intention to be part of Kiwi way of life and culture.”

Kyle Chapman (national director of the NF and Christchurch Mayoral Candidate) has sent out a press release announcing the NF’s intention to single out “business's that are no longer make no any pretence about catering to kiwis, and only target Asians customers. We will have teams who will protest out side Asian food courts and we will make it known that we are not happy that our city is being handed over to foreign interests and the money is being handed over to foreign owners.”

Where did these guys come from? Have they been around all along and I just never noticed, or have they become more active lately? It seems that way. Marches and pickets all over the place.

You can download a PDF here, with some information about the NF (and Destiny). Apparently Kyle once firebombed a marae. Way to go, Kyle. (Has anyone invented a way to indicate sarcasm in text yet?) A bunch of people are organising a counter rally against the NF anti-immigration protest over Labour Weekend. Once upon a time I used to protest stuff, you know, directly. Now I protest protests. Huh.

If you’re not already convinced that the NF are fascists, check out some of their policies:

  • Polynesian and Chinese migrants will be encouraged to return to their homelands of origin or suitable alternative destinations, with a humane and gradual policy of repatriation.
  • Institutionalised Political Correctness will be eliminated. This includes the repeal of race relations and human rights legislation designed, far from ensuring “rights”, to impose a tyrannical multi-cultural infrastructure at all levels of society. Political Correctness, particularly in the forms of the Treaty of Waitangi and feminism, has become a State dogma as pervasive as the Marxism of Communist states.
  • Motherhood will be accorded a place as the most honourable and important of vocations, which requires full attention, without the distractions of economic hardship and the requirement for other employment.
  • National Labour Service will be established for all youth for a period of 6 months, after having completed their secondary education; which will encourage a sense of solidarity and respect for productive labour among all sectors of society. A period of 6 months Military Service will follow.
  • Ultimately we desire the re-constitution of the White Commonwealth of Nations, comprising Australia, Britain , Canada , and New Zealand based on shared kinship and heritage, as an alternative to the globalist schemes for herding “humanity” into a “New World Order”.
  • We consider any territorial threat to most likely come from Asia whose population is bursting at the seams, and where any war or natural catastrophe could prompt a mass population exodus, backed by force of arms.
  • Violent recidivist criminals should be permanently removed from society, perhaps by being put to work on an outlying New Zealand island.
  • Where murder is proven beyond doubt, capital punishment will be applied. Capital punishment will also be meted out to repeat sex offenders.

Posted by Fionnaigh at September 20, 2004 01:06 AM

I'm thinking of coming down for the national Front protest, but I have no idea who to talk to or what to bring. Any clues?

Also, am I going to have to find some non-black clothes?

Posted by: Idiot/Savant at September 22, 2004 02:31 PM

Beautiful Monsters - great post. I was going to write about the issue of the NF's monetary policy... but anyway.
Idiot - Isn't the Liberal colour Yellow?

Posted by: Lewis at September 22, 2004 03:18 PM

Well, LibDem. I'd be tempted to go for red anyway - I'm very definitely on the left end of the liberal tendency.

Posted by: Idiot/Savant at September 23, 2004 01:23 AM