beautiful monsters: just for today...

September 20, 2004

just for today...

Iím just beginning my third week of abstinence from sugar... Iíve still got a splitting headache, but I think itís easing. Every night I have dreams about eating chocolates. Dark Swiss chocolates, crunchy on the outside, soft praline insideÖ *drool.* Then I wake up, and I feel a mixture of panic, thinking that I blew it, and relief, thinking oh well, Iíve eaten chocolate now, I can stop trying not to.

They say just make it through one day at a time. I'm managing by living through one minute at a time.

These guys are my lifeline. My blueprint for sanity.

Posted by Fionnaigh at September 20, 2004 01:04 AM

I have that sugar addiction too. Congrats to you on 3 whole weeks!

Posted by: Robin at September 20, 2004 11:12 AM