July 25, 2007

Has it been forever?

Been busy and disinclined to blog. Have been reading them faithfully though.

What have I been busy with?
1) Work. I thought that when I quit last year and switched to relief that I would have more free time. Well, it's less stress but not that much more free time! There are pluses and minuses to relief and I cannot be bothered going in to them.
2) Sewing. I'm supposed to be sewing a frock coat for the current G&S production. I've cut the mock up out. I *will* attempt to sew it today! If I write it down it'll come true... right?
3) Dancing. I'm at the studio about 6 hours a week. It's kinda mad.
4) Okami. This is a PS2 game. Nick lent it to me. I'm horribly addicted!!
5) Housework... how can I have so much laundry to do???? Ok, I haven't been that busy doing it, but I will be since I have ppl coming to visit this week. Yikes. Another reason that the sewing must be done asap, they'll be staying in the sewing room/spare room/computer room.


PoF: Cute Clean Clothes
CO: Why is LJ not working?

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