May 30, 2007

I'm alive and online - x-posted

Hey, stuff has been busy since before the 48.

I went to both Nick and Sok's shows. Enjoyed both, but for different things. I like one act plays and am encouraging Jenni to write one that I might star in.

I am currently employed in a 5 week stint at Sok's previous employer. It means that I see AB's mum most days!

Pole dancing has been going well and I was asked to move up from the beginners class to intermediate. I'm not actually intermediate, but am doing moves more complex than the rank beginners are allowed to see, 'cause monkey see, monkey do, monkey get hurt. I have an awesome bruise on my left hip!

The 48 was good and was fun to get a bit more camera time. I did some make-up again and must say that males who want to act need to make sure they have their own foundation!! This was especially true 2 years ago when I had to de-shine a certain shaven head. I'm looking forward to hearing the results tomorrow! Really want to go to the finals.

I've also got an overlocker now, but with the LTR work, I probably won't have time to use it for ages. Ahh well.

Hope you are all well. I was away from the net for over a week and even just skimming had a hard time with blogs!

Comment-y? Ask me some questions so I can answer back!

Oh yeah, I'm having a tupperparty on Sat 9th June and also want to do a strawberrynet order. Just warning you!

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May 02, 2007

Supporting Local Theatre

Hi, I want to make a booking to see Sokky in her current production. I'm planning to go on the 2 for 1 night (Thurs 17th) and have Jenni already bagsed as my 2. Any other pairs want to go with us?


Pictures of Sokky "acting":

Comment if you want me to book for you. I want to do it today!!

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