March 15, 2009

Our first weekend here

Yup, this was officially our first weekend together where we did not hop in the car and drive to sleep somewhere else! It was made extra awesome by a visit from JazzmasterSv and C. There was much baking and junk-food, but no takeaways)!

On Sat, Beau and I slept in (bliss) and then I started making food for sharing (pumpkin soup and chocolate berry torte) and Beau started cleaning/tidying for guests. I also managed to get some quality skype time with a certain BFF. Then Beau got to blob while I went to Otaki to meet Sv and C for some shopping.

I was mainly looking for a winter coat but didn't find one. I realised I'm just going to pay full price for a nice one and it'll be worth it because my last winter coat (which I loved) was expensive, but I wore it for 4 years! I'd much rather do that than pay $100 for one that isn't warm enough and which I don't really like the look of either.

After "shopping", Sv, C and I convoyed back home, grabbed the foods and went to Sv and Beau's brother's. It was a sort of birthday celebration for Beau, C and I, since we all have birthdays this month, so we had some party food, cake, cherrios, purplos, mini-hotdogs etc and we played games! Boardgames, that is. TransAmerica and Carcassonne with all the expansions we had. It took hours and we were all pretty confused (and tired), particularly C who had never played Carcassonne, but it was still fun.

Purplos btw look like purple cherrios (aka cocktail sausages). They're ok, they are sweet because they're flavoured with honey. I don't think I'd have them again, if I want cherrios, I want cherrios.

Sunday also started with delicious sleeping. I got up first and decided to work on my Armageddon costume. Two of my wigs are now closer to the colour I want, but I need more alcohol to make more the dye to finish them off.

We headed back over to BiL's place and pikelets of many sizes and left-overs from yesterday. Did I mention there was lemon meringue pie? Mmm. I wanted to go looking for some isopropanol (for the wig dying) and C was keen to go with me, so her and I headed off to shop while everyone else stayed for more gaming (Pandemic and Settlers this time).

We went to a bunch of places and no handy alcohol to be found, (no worries, I can get some from a pharmacy tomorrow) however, I did get two more ramekins and a bunch of silicon bake-ware (an early birthday present from C). I also found some good fabric at Spotlight for my costume.

All in all a fun and productive weekend. Oh, also made cheese and pumpkin wholemeal muffins to have with fruit salad for dinner. It's all good, I'll get to have fruit salad for breakfast tomorrow and spare muffins for my lunch. Yays!

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