March 11, 2009

Did you hear the shout of joy?

That's right as of this morning I have WIRELESS BROADBAND!

Be prepared for blogging occuring more than once a month. There may even be food posts! Gosh.

I went back and looked at my New Year's goals and... I still have to unpack suitcases. But honestly, I don't think they are going to get any more unpacked than they currently are because they have silly things in them like post cards and paperwork and I don't have somewhere else to put them.

I also decided better than year goals, Month Goals.

My Feb Goals were:
1) get some work (or work-like activity, volunteering is ok)
2) move house again
3) find out about getting internet

I have been working at a local highschool. Quite a lot actually, every day last week! Also at least 3 days this week. Sheesh. I've been there so much I've actually been asked to the the teacher in charge of a club!?? The manga club. Sweet. Even after I pointed out I don't have regular hours and plan to move outta town before the end of the year. Still wanted me. Oh well, should be a nice shiny reference for my CV.

Yup we moved again, hence the difficulty with the unpacking thing. Now we are in a house with a toilet/bathroom door. It is a beautiful thing. It even has a lock. Yay.

I found out about internets but didn't manage to get it until *today*

My March Goals are:
1) Learn to cook more vege and seafood recipes
2) Make my costume for Armageddon
3) Take some photos of 1) and 2)
4) Blog them.

I want to do more sewing and cooking. I've been making preserves! I have taken no photos though. Not even of my rosepetal jam. Sadness.

The first goal is prompted by my Beau's desire to give up meat (just catholic meat, so seafood and Capibaras are ok) for Lent. This is 'cause he's "supposed" to for Fridays during Lent anyway, but normally forgets. So it's easier to do it for the whole time. It's pretty much awesome for us. I'm hoping that after Lent we'll only go up to meat for 2 or less meals a week. Until then Lacto-Ovo-Piscerians are we. Except for how I'll totally eat meat if we go out. Dude, I have a genetic problem with iron storage. Plus, that still isn't very often.

With regards to sewing. I have been planning stuff for ages. Have fabric and patterns and intend to make some toddler costumes for the toddlers in my life. Haven't actually tried out the sewing machine yet. D'oh.

I have played lots of Fallout 3 though. I'm seriously looking forward to finishing the beast.


Point of Fashion: I need more clothes.
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