November 28, 2007

The curly question.

Is new technology or old technique better? How to get curls into straight, straight hair.

Recently I have learned to use GHDs to create ringlets/curls and also how to do rag curls. I like them both.

GHDs produce a really pretty shiny ringlet. However, we didn't use any product and they sunk and turned into waves very quickly and this is in the hair of a girl with naturally curl/wavy hair anyway! Using GHDs to create a ringlet may seem weird to you as they are generally marketed and used as straighteners, but they are actually quite easy to use to make curls. You simply have to hold it "just so" and then pull the GHD slowly and steadily. I *cannot* describe how to hold it, you can youtube it if you actually want to know. There are heaps of how to make up and hair on youtube.

It took me two days to get my rag curls right, but when I did they produced a long lasting curl. Somewhat messy, but that's probably due to me being rough putting them in. To do rag curls, you need to cut up strips of rag, I cut up a calico mock-up that Muggle and I had used to make the birthday dress for our littlest sister, Bambi (it had already been pulled apart to use as a "pattern"). I cut it into pieces about 4cm wide and 16cm long.
The night before you want the curls, you dampen your hair, I also bought a spritzy styling lotion and spritzed that liberally on each section as I went to curl it. Basically use just use each bit of rag as you would a regular curler and then to hold them in place rather than using pins or whatever, you just tie the two ends of your rag together. (You may end up looking like an extra from an old movie, I may have been forced to go into Muggle's room exclaiming "Mammy!")
Then, you go to sleep in them and take them out the next morning, carefully removing any threads that may have seperated out in the mean-time.
It is important that your hair is completely dry before you remove the rags, that's why it is "damp hair" at the beginning. The first time I tried this my hair was too wet and didn't dry over night so the curls didn't stick. I did get some nice volume though.

I have to say that overall, I might actually prefer rag curls. Easy on the day that you want the curl and actually quite quick to put in, when you know how. Also, about a million times cheaper than GHDs. I still want GHDs though ;)

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