November 26, 2007

thoughts on public transport and physical contact

Now that my beloved has left to work in another, flatter, city, I realise that it would be possible for me to go a day (or more) without having physical contact with another human being... Except for one thing, public transport. If you catch the bus at peak times (which I must for my current 8-5 job) then you will either end up sitting next to someone, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, thigh to thigh or standing and inevitably bumping and brushing against others.

I don't actually mind this. The people I encounter on the bus are generally clean and sweet-smelling. I normally have a book and/or mp3 player and zone out anyway. However, it made me realise that there will be people for whom this is their only regular human physical contact. Woah! That was a weird thing for me to consider.

I am not someone who goes around hugging strangers, but I enjoy touching, hugging and holding hands with my intimates. I'll pinch my sister, hold hands with a friend, straighten the lapel of a work mate. I'll correct someone's hold at dancing, help someone back stage with a quick change and annoying lean into Muggle on the couch.

The idea of being that... seperate from others, that detached. That seems so lonely. I hope they have pets.

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Posted by giffy at November 26, 2007 03:03 PM