February 26, 2004


Well, trying to organise my life is starting to get under control. I seem to be able to have lessons planned at least a few minutes before I have to teach them, sometimes even a day! I spent some time last night with friends, and having flatmates with whom I am friends (and sometimes even sisters!) with is great. In Sims talk, it keeps my social bar green. I try to keep my work and home stuff seperate, but when it is after 5.00pm (I'm usually at school by 7.40am) and I still have work to do, I would much rather do it in the comfort of my own house than in the staff work room, especially as I'm unsure as to how to set the alarm and lock up the school.
It's hard now that my boyf has started up studying again. We don't live together and with my work and his studying we pretty much only see each other in the weekend. Sometimes we will try and talk on the phone, but during the week I am pretty wrecked and anything and everything distracts me, so I can't really keep up a conversation.
I've become more organised with my social life, actually planning to meet up with friends, or have things at my house, because I know that if I didn't make the effort I could easily end up not seeing anyone apart from the people I live with and maybe the boyf.

I have been doing Ecology with one of my classes and we have been talking about population regulation and how eventually all populations will stop growing at their environments carrying capacity. Then there may be some fluctuations, but generally the population will be balanced, at an equilibrium.

The equilibrium that I have reached is a comfortable one.
Altho, I could do with some more sleep ;)

Posted by giffy at February 26, 2004 11:37 AM