February 26, 2004

Bleurghy Morning

It is early and I am tired. I was all set to go to bed early last night and went upstairs and had a shower and took time getting changed to my PJs. I had plans to go back downstairs and do some school work. BUT then I went downstairs and there were two visitors! Totally welcome of course, but still, and then Cookie, one of my flatmates came stumbling and sniffling in (has a cold) she'd walked to the nearest liquor store for beer and they'd refused to serve her as she hadn't taken ID with her, the store was closing in 10min and she'd had a hard day so I drove her there and bought something myself. And ended staying up too late talking and drinking and then I got into bed finally and stayed up READING! Bad Giffy!

I must now go write BIO notes so that my students can learn... or something.

Also THANKS to all those people who have posted. You and Morgue's Mum are cool!

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