February 20, 2006


Is it just my wayward imagination, or is one of the plants in the decorative arrangement outside the reserve bank building parsley?

Yes, green curled leaf parsley.

In abundance.

It makes me wonder if it is part of some sort of emergency supply for bellamy's, but I can't believe it is parsley that would be the herb of the apocolypse.

Posted by carla at 07:05 PM

February 12, 2006


well, I can't find mention of it in the news media, but there is/was a fire on the hillside just south of the kaiwharawhara intersection. Not huge, and no danger of houses being got (or established native bush) - maybe just the Johnsonville train tracks.

Posted by carla at 09:13 PM

February 08, 2006


The 7s are very weird. Especially when you're working most of the hours God sends down the Parliament end of town. I found myself rounding a corner into about 8 Wonder Women all wearing the same outfit. Very, ahem, affecting.

Posted by carla at 08:42 PM