January 10, 2006


It is wonderful what you can do with a DOS emulator and an old game

I'm coming to the conclusion that really good old games are better than good new ones. They don't suck you in quite so bad (thus leaving you a chance of maintain an actual life). They run fast. And they are often very playable.

For example, "Bandit Kings of Ancient China" (as shown above) is chock full of characterisation, and has good enough strategy problems that it keeps me quite occupied.

And, of course, they're free.

Posted by carla at 08:33 PM

January 02, 2006

lussy wawa

The lussy wawa is the crying fit you have when you have been feeling like a wussy lala for a while and you burst into tears over a very small thing.

Posted by carla at 12:38 PM

January 01, 2006

one year, no plans

Well, that's not strictly true. I do have plans. Big plans. Life changing plans.

But they don't feel like plans.

It's not like I'm starting a degree, and I know how long until I get the qualification. It's not like I'll be able to say "I now have *1* year's experience".

Instead I just have generic, time-flexible plans.

I feel much older than I did before I turned 30.

Posted by carla at 09:28 PM