June 07, 2014


May. More of the same to be honest. I feel like the bit in the travellogue where the writer feels a little like the food and scenery are getting repetitive, and I have nothing special to say. There are some points of interest though:

Barring somewhat spectacular exceptions, there are apparently no Maori anywhere (except in occasional magistrates reports). Wellington gives the impression of being a white town. Whatever concepts of partnership might have existed in early Wellington, 1914 Wellington makes no mention of them, or even seems to include a space for such a possibility. It will be interesting to see if this persists, or if it's just been a quiet 5 months in the papers.

Te Aro School used to be on Willis St where the Dental School was eventually built (and is now apartments). It looks fantastic: pic here. Much like all school amalgamations always everywhere, the people of Mitchelltown school are not happy about having to go to Te Aro, and I can't help sympathising somewhat, when they complain that the government has just dropped a packet on Kelburne school and surely could have upgraded their two-room school. Meanwhile, they're discussing moving Te Aro, and arguing about whether it is a horrible dump or not. Either way, they eventually move it to the location of the Terrace Gaol - which was definitely a dump at the time. Details here.

Curiously, they've responded to becoming a Dominion by deciding they need a museum. They have a director, a board, enabling legislation and a budget, but are debating where the museum should go. Nominated sites include the location of the Mt Cook Barracks (previously Mt Cook Gaol). See, there is a theme.

There is ongoing debate about whether or not bibles should be in schools. I can't tell who is winning at the moment, but there is definitely heat in the discussion.

Suffragettes in the olden days used bombs. I can't help feeling faintly like I'm clearly from a feeble-spirited generation, and simultaneously glad that no one has ever expected me to bomb anything to establish my right to vote.

This is somewhat tragic. While it is admirable that someone is advocating that women should be taught about sexual hygiene, it is not just married women who should be taught about sexual health.

Earthquakes make for saleable column inches even in 1914. This is an interesting comparison with reportage of recent Italian earthquakes. It also made me cry.

For pure absurdity, someone sent a message in a bottle - in cheese. Apparently the message was answered.

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