February 15, 2009

feeling opinionated?

No Right Turn has started a forum for generating private members' bills. So if you have a bit of legislation which needs improving, or an area where there is no law, and their should be some, join in.

For myself, I'd really like some defined way of handling koha sent to open source software projects. If open source software is used as part of a business, it should be possible to claim a reasonable donation to the project in a similar way to any other business expense.

I'd add this to the NZ Progressive Bills Project when i've dealt with a small number of issues such as:
* How to determine a reasonable amount?
* How to determine what is an open source project?
* How to verify that a certain amount of money was transferred to a bona fide open source project?

Posted by carla at February 15, 2009 08:15 PM
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