August 26, 2005

competance regained

For the first time since February, I think Labour can win this election.

In this article from 21 June, Colin James notes how National was starting to look more competant than Labour - and it was proposing popular policies (in particular, tax cuts).

Well, Labour's learned the tax cuts lession and amended it.

But Brash is loosing the competance battle. Every time he waffles. Every time he doesn't appear to know what he thinks. Every time Clark corrects him on his own party's policy details. Every time he looks out of place.

I'd hate to be his media advisors at the moment.


I'd also like to note how much I'm enjoying watching two intelligent, hardworking, and largely honourable people do charmless politics.

Posted by carla at August 26, 2005 01:45 PM
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