October 11, 2004

it's getting hot in here

Optimism is generally regarded as a positive trait. And, no, that wasn't supposed to be a pun. :) I think the nicest interpretation of the Bush administration's approach to global warming is that they have a sunny optimism that any effects of global warming will be largely irrelevant to the way they live their lives.

They might even be optimistic about the effects global warming will have on other people's lives.

Unfortunately, there is a benefit in being pessimistic when you are talking about risks to the way the earth functions. Like being able to find the motivation to respond to world-wide challenges and risks. I always find terror of consequences very motivational.

I very much wish they would find some pessimism and add it to their diet. Climate change is not something we can afford to get wrong.

Posted by carla at October 11, 2004 11:09 PM
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