October 07, 2004


is a damn pretty little city. much, much like Cuba St in Wellington, but with more graffiti and much better architecture. It is like Cuba St's cooler older brother. With Goulash. And a depressingly large number of loud lager-seeking English people. And a river instead of a harbour (with a very pretty Karla's bridge).

There was also a strong sense of economic recovery and social opening - reminicient of New Zealand in many ways. I even went to the Czeck version of a tourism kapa haka group - Vivaldi's Four Seasons with lead cello. They had that mild smurk which says "you think *this* is music? you don't know *nothing*". lovely to see European culture in its indigenous setting though.

Almost no communist architecture in the main city - which was weird. The architecture is massively consistent; more so than Napier even (un*think*able!). I felt more at home than I did in London. Which is sad in a way. I'd expect the city of my birth to provide more of a landing place than a random city in eastern europe.

Posted by carla at October 7, 2004 08:46 AM
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