February 02, 2004

artesian - two factoids

Petone has new public art. It sucks. Well, actually it blows. Or more correctly, spits. They have a new fountain. It looks like a big stack of overpriced metalic plat pots with water falling down them.

But it makes the place look like it has had money spent on it, and it draws attention to Lower Hutt's most interesting feature. Typical that Petone would have the thing which mentions Lower Hutt's most interesting feature, but nevermind. Artesian water is water that has been slowly filtered through the ground until it is quite, quite clean. And there is a huge amount of it under the Hutt valley, extending right under the harbour as far as Mirimar.

The fountain's water comes from this source.

And yes, you can drink it.

Posted by carla at February 2, 2004 07:48 PM
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