January 16, 2004

don'tcha haite it when they are right?

Today I asserted that it doesn't rain in Wellington more in winter - it just feels that way because of the cold. S thought I was talking bollocks.

So I checked with the nice people at NIWA and discovered that I was, in fact, quite wrong. It rains at least 50% more in winter than summer. And October is wetter than September.

Sadly, we have more days of gale force winds (over 63kph ave for the day) than anywhere except Scott Base and Kaikoura. But our annual average wind speed isn't too bad. Very close to Wanganui, New Plymouth and Palmerston North. But still worse.

But we have less ground frost. Whaddya know.

Posted by carla at January 16, 2004 10:10 AM
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