January 12, 2004


Niue is apparently an independant state. It isn't part of New Zealand (though it used to be run from here). It is now an self governing state in "free association" with New Zealand. Whatever that means.

Why should we help.

Well other than the obligations accrued by any most wealthy entity in an area, something like 90% of all Niueans live in New Zealand. And pay taxes.

One of the reasons for taxes is to provide a state-wide insurance policy. Should a cyclone send 50 meter waves into Wellington, the rest of the country will effectively pay for the rebuild. And (looking around me), it would be very expensive.

If we expect Niueans living in New Zealand to pay taxes, surely (at some point) we also acquire the state-wide insurance obligations?

Normally we think of national boundaries (mostly legal jurisdictions) as the most overwhelmingly important issue. But (particularly in the case of refugees, whether economic or otherwise) culture and chosen identity is also important.

Perhaps an awareness of the identity-based sense of citizenship would provide a way of dealing with some of the challenges globalisation is throwing up.

Posted by carla at January 12, 2004 06:27 AM
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