December 26, 2003

driving people crazy

I spent the first 4 hours of Christmas day driving down from Napier to Wellington. Driving on Christmas day is an odd experience. Everyone is somehow more themselves, and almost noone is doing their usual driving pattern.

Consequently some people drive very slowly on the main road. Now you'd think that in the spirit of Christmas they'd pull over occassionally and let other people (who are travelling up to 50k/h faster than they are) past.

But no.

I saw some really invigorating passing manouvers. Including one charming moment when two people tried to pass the same van at the same time. Well, actually Ceri saw that. I was too busy watching the motorbike which was attempting to pass something that was passing something else at the same time.

Sadly, the van had just passed a rest area where they could have pulled over and let everyone past.

Though why anyone would be in a hurry to get to Woodville I have no idea.

Posted by carla at December 26, 2003 06:48 AM
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