December 24, 2003

christmas, the sport of champions

I (very) recently rang the partner of my partner's sister to confir on gifts. We had been instructed by said sister out-law to confir to avoid difficult overlaps of presents.

and I discovered that we both bought her the same two presents (a gas lamp and a picnic blanket).

which requires the use of the term "D'oh" much.

Ceri is good at present shopping. If Christmas gift giving were a sport she'd have a good clutch of medals by now.

Not so much in my case.

So far this Christmas I appear to have managed one really good present and a couple of okays. This isn't a bad showing, as there are still a number of events to compete in, but discovering that the high profile event of family out-law has already been scuttled is somewhat depressing.

Your own family (while occasionally tricky) is, at least, a known entity. Like a national sport, the audience pretty much knows the team's chances before they go on the field, and the preperation has had a chance to be adequate.

The out-law family is a whole nother story. More like fencing or greek wrestling, attempting to produce a medal prospect is very much a dark horse kinda deal. They might win, but there is a lingering feeling of having no idea why.

And somehow, all this analogy with sport makes me wonder why everyone has to participate in this activity - event the grossly untallented and underprepared. Like insisting that everyone have an innings batting at cricket or cooking pavlova before the festivities are over. I mean, I can understand why the people who are good at it insist we all have a go - but why put the rest of us through the embarrasment, indecision and final feeling of futility. It just isn't fun if you aren't any good at it. I'd much rather do the dishes.

in a marginally more positive note, mum did squeak out loud when i gave her the two large stripy blue plant pots I bought for her in October.

merry christ's mass all. hope your presents are all unforseen successes.

Posted by carla at December 24, 2003 02:05 PM
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