August 17, 2009

Not Man-Cat Monday, just a quick general update

I'm thinking the monday/friday thing may be a bit sporadic and interspersed with general goings on at the shelter. Trying (not very succesfully) to focus on two cats a week does leave a lot out.

So, tonight I'd like to introduce you to three lovely cats who have come to the shelter in the last week or so.

First, the lovely 4 year old Coco


Coco's people are moving and are unable to take her with them, so this cuddly little girl has come to us to find a new home. She'd definitely not fond of other cats, but would do just great with adults and children of all sizes and ages.

Next up is 12 year old Posh


Posh couldn't cope when the newish addition to her home climbed to it's feet and entered the toddler stage. She's a beautifully affectionate girl who just needs lots of love and no small children to make her a very, very happy cat.

And last, but certainly not least, the fabulous 4 year old Hoki (link to come).


Hoki's person embarked on a new relationship with a person who just didn't like cats, so sadly Hoki has come into the shelter to find a new home free of that particular afflication. He's a beautiful lad - laid back and loving. Absolutely fine with small children, tho probably should be an only cat.

Blackie got adopted on Saturday and Tiger Lily yesterday.

Molly and Cookie, a couple of gorgeous 7 year old tabby sisters, weren't with us a full week before being snapped up yesterday and heading off to their new home together.

Finally, a quick update on our Henry. Now renamed "Henry the Brave". These taken yesterday in the main shelter room, which was chock full of visitors at the time! Henry the Brave indeed!




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August 09, 2009

Two cats in one

Cos yeah, didn't get Friday's entry done and Monday's looking dodgy. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to..

Lady Hamilton


Our lovely girl came from us as a stray from Hamilton Rd in Haitaitai - hence the name. Originally we thought her a boy, but a vet check has proved otherwise, so "Lady" has been appended to the original name.

She's only been with us for a couple of weeks, and is still finding it a bit overwhelming. For the first 3 or 4 days she stayed crouched on the floor of her cage, and would only eat when someone crawled in with her and gave her lots of reasurring pats.

She's a very affectionate girl - just loves to be made a fuss of and responds with an enormous purr and face rubs. At the moment, she's finding the multi cat, multi person shelter environment a bit overwhelming. But with time and love, we're sure she'll settle in until the right person arrives to take her to her new (and hopefully permanent) home.

And hearing it for the boys - here's the amazing but constantly overlooked, Twink!


Twink came to us after he'd been living as a stray for about 2 years. He was fed and looked after by a woman who decided to place him into a cattery when she felt that he was becoming at risk of much badness from his current situation. Her financial situation became a bit more difficult, so Twink came to us to find a new home.

He's been with us for around 8-9 mths now and for some reason keeps getting overlooked. Personally, I can't understand why. He's a fabulous lad! Loving, playful and just all round a lovely, lovely cat.

The night before we had to have Ratty euthanised because of cancer, I spent the night curled up on a sheepskin next to his basket. Twink spent the whole night snuggled up under the polar fleece with me, glued to my side and purring his head off. This lad isn't complicated! He just needs a home of his own with people he can love who will love him back.

And in other news, a big "Thank you" to the Island Bay PlayCenter, who allowed me to hang out at their big fundraising day and try to entice unsupecting people into supporting the Wellingon CPL. We got a new junior member, a number of expressions of interest in volunteering and/or sponsorhip and generally got to talk cats and CPL to new people.

In lieu of us being able to afford an advertising budget, I think getting out there amongst the community groups is the way to go. So if there's any readers out there (any at all?) who are involved with community groups that might be interested in having CPL come talk to you, leave a comment and please let me know. Or flick me an email at

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August 03, 2009

Man-cat Monday - Xerces and Asgard

These two brothers came to us from a household of 6 cats, so they're quite used to cat company. Sadly it's people that they're a little more wary of.

Their person has MS and found it increasingly difficult to give her cats the handling that they need, particularly two such timid lads as these. With time and patience, they're getting used to new people and slowly allowing themselves to accept the affection that's on offer.

Asgard is the more outgoing of the two and is making really good progress.


Xerces wants to believe, but is still a little less trusting than his brother.


These guys are going to need someone who can take the time to get to know them and be patient while they settle into a strange new environment and make it their own.

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August 02, 2009

The writing's on the wall...

... and the couches, the walls, the cages and the chairs.

Cos us cat nutters really do care.


Snow White loves his igloo. But occasionally positioning has caused problems.


Currently we have a Twink and a Twinks. Twinks is still settling in and spends a lot of time hiding under the cover on the couch. First person had the right idea, wrong name.


In the "timids deck" there's a bench with baskets underneath that some cats love to hide in. so above that...


For the people visiting, or the cats who would miss out on the chair if crushed? Three guesses ;o)


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