November 02, 2007

Damn it!

Well, I guess I should have realised. Now that 'm not involved with CPL I just get to hear about the stuff that suks.

So time to say goodbye to Sparky and to Fiona.

When Sparky first came to CPL, he'd lived with an elderly woman who'd kept him inside except when on a lead. Understanbly he was totally freaked by the shelter, and this was all we saw of him for the first few months.


Then he slowly got braver and in fact turned into a real little s*it stirrer - backing who he thought should be the alpha male against any rivals, and really stirring the rivals up. But hey, better than the poor frightened guy hiding under a blanket!

Well Sparky got adopted by one of our volunteers, who fell head over heels for him. He never lost his catitude

By god he loved and was loved. Good bye Sparky. You will be missed!

And to make this doubly miserable, I just found out tonight that our lovely wee Fiona had to be euthanised today due to renal failure. And I can't help but wonder how much that had to do with her losing her Jonah a couple of weeks back. In loving memory of a shy, gentle soul.


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