January 01, 2007

Happy New Year everyone.

Especially to our Sparky, who's been fostered by one of our volunteers. Sparky came to us from an elderly woman who'd had him from a kitten and only ever let him outside on a lead. We're not sure if he'd ever seen another cat (since his littermates anyway), and when he first came in, he found the shelter environment totally overwhelming. In fact all we saw of him for the first few months was a lump under a blanket.

Once he got over that, he started to try and figure out the whole "cat interaction" thing, and well, let's just say that boy has very little by way of cat social skills. In a home of his own however, he's doing wonderfully! Read on.....

"For those of you who don't know - Sparky has been fostered by M.!!!!! He was in a fight at the shelter and so was a bit worse for wear and feeling pretty miserable when he left.

Anyway he is doing really awesome in his new home, he has all his stuff in M.'s bedroom and took up residence under the bed for the first couple of days. I saw him on his second day there, and he came out for pats when I went into see him, though he was moving quite slowly and was still looking quite sad and sorry for himself - not a wonder with the wounds he was sporting!

Yesterday M. phoned me to say the absess on his head had burst and he was a much happier boy! He is now sleeping under the covers in their bed, and races out for cuddles whenever anyone goes in the room and purrs his head off.

He has been and explored the bedroom, thinks the wardrobe is a great place to investigate, will sit on the bedside cabinet when it gets too hot under the covers! He is eating really well and taking his meds. in the first 24hrs he didn't poo or pee, but is doing both regularly now - decides he will poo at 4am every morning so M. gets up and cleans it before P. finishes work at the bar around 5am. Then Sparky cuddles up to P. under the covers for the rest of the morning!!! He and P. have become fine sleeping buddys! and when P. is at work he cuddles up to M.

Little Miss one of M.'s cats slept in the bedroom with him the first night (she is only cat who does the others stay down the other end of the house.) She hissed at him once, but they both slept in close proximity for the rest of the night with no drama.

Sparky has also met Tiva the dog. He was at the end of the bed on the floor and Tiva came down the hallway and stood in front of the bedroom door. Sparky just sat there looking at her, completely calm! M. thought he was trying to work out how a cat had gotten so big!!!

He has had cuddles and a smooch with H. - M.'s son. and with C. her eldest daughter. But funnily has growled at A. - her youngest daughter! M. let him go exploring the hallway and other bedrooms last night when the kids were asleep. He wandered around confidently having a nosey and when he saw A. sleeping he growled at her!

He and Little Miss have spent another night together - her hissing at him. He (probably thinking hey this is normal) just looking back at her!

M. said he is looking bright eyed and bubbly again and is such a smoochy boy and can you believe (except for his first day on arrival) he hasn't swiped out or scratched anyone once!

Yippee for Sparky!!!!"


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