November 24, 2006

I'd give you a Daisly a day dear

Only I don't have quite that many photos of her. Here's another of our Daisy/Meowff in her new home :o)

And still trying to get a decent photo of Mischief for the website, but Mr Tom and Becky are now up, plus much better photos of Boy and the Shrek-Miester for your viewing pleasure.

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November 23, 2006

It's quiet! Too quiet!

Well, it's that time of year again. Everyone wants kittens and very few people are interested in adopting an older cat. Especially just before Christmas when people are often going away.

So, very very slow in the homing front at the moment. Although a lovely couple came in last Sunday and have put a hold on Sooty II! They'll be adopting him early December after they've moved to more cat-friendly accommodation. Which will be great for our wee lad, as he's really not that thrilled to be living in the shelter with so many other cats.

And now, the news you've all been waiting for....Meowff! Sadly for R and A, they've had to admit defeat on the allergy front. However they continued to look after our lovely Meowffie until our wonderful vet K (who'd fallen in love with Meowff during her many visits to the clinic this year) decided to adopt her herself!

So Meowff has a new home, and a new name! Now called Daisy, she's settled in really well, whipped the dog into shape and is currently training her new people. Go Meowffie! I mean, Daisy.

I've updated the website tonight, so Boy, Dish, Ditzi, Ringo and Blackie are now up there. Mr Tom, Mischief and Becky are waiting on a decent photo, which I hope to get tomorrow night.

Finally, if anyone has some free time over the Christmas/New Year period and would like to give us a hand at the shelter, please call us on 3899668 and leave your contact details. We're ususally short staffed over this time, as many of our volunteers go away. So if you're in Wellington and would like to help out, please let us know. It'd be much appreciated.

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November 09, 2006

Another belated update

Hi again everyone. Sorry these posts are few and far between at the moment. I promise faithfully I'll try to get a bit more regular with them.

First off, our lovely Chipper. The tests on his nose came back - just a cyst! Possible beginnings of skin cancer on his ear, temple and middle of nose, but the vet's not too concerned about that at this stage. So rather than put him through a general anesthetic at this stage, we'll just keep an eye on him for now.

Next up for your reading pleasure, a wonderful update from Victoria's new people:

"Little Victoria is absolutely amazing and we have bonded so well!
She is like a little shadow, we travel everywhere around the house together and we have lots of cuddles! And she responds with a big loud purr!
She is very playful and when I get home from my appointments she comes running to the door and we always have a bit of a play and a cuddle and she rolls around the floor alot and shows me her tummy and gets a good scratch!
She is eating really well...............unfortunately every once and a while uses the pot plant as a cat box......but I am sure we can solve that problem as soon as we manage to ween her out side.
I have taken her out a couple of times....holding her in my arms and popping her on the grass, but keeping a hold of her, and she is very curious,,,,,,,,,,very causious and I know quite scared but once Paul gets back from Christchurch and he bonds with her again too then we can start to get a bit more serious about the outside exploration!
She sleeps with me everynight and always comes right up onto my chest when I wake up for a good old scratch under the chin and by the ears and then she settles down there and just watches me!
I am absolutely in love!
Paul and I have nick named her Poppy...........................those huge eyes of hers when she first arrived with us were out on sticks!!! Literally popping right out so it just seemed to stick that we called her Little Poppy............she responds to it so we have just continued to call her that. So I suppose her name is now Poppy Victoria! or just Little Pops.
I can not tell you how much she means to me and how much I adore her, she is my little companion and is such great company! I hate leaving her home alone for too long and love coming home to her in the evening!
You have given Paul and I such a gift and we are so grateful that the Cat Protection League exists.
You are all Angels!
Thank you so much!"

Thank you guys for taking on our timid wee girl and giving her such a loving home!

And from Aaliyah's new folks:

"Aaliyah is doing SOOOO much better. Her peeing has worked itself it out, and she seems to be using the toilet on a more regular schedule now. She looks a lot cleaner, her eating and drinking is up and consistent, and I think she is exercising a lot more!

She LOVES this toy that is a bunch of feathers on a stick, and I could play with it with her all day. She runs back and forth across the room and jumps so high in the air it's unbelievable. She still loves to be cuddled, but she drags that toy around everywhere (even up and down the stairs!) and just nudges it with her paw when she wants you to swing it around. It is just too cute. I can hear her upstairs right now running around making a ruckus (but she always seems to be sitting still when i go check on her.

She's been coming downstairs a lot more, which is nice, as she was pretty much staying upstairs most the time. But we can't be upstairs without her meowing, coming to visit, cuddling and playing. It's a nice escape from working.

We are so happy to have her here! It totally brightens our day to have her around."

Big Brother (now Eddie) went to his new home the other friday and is doing amazingly well. We expected him to hide for quite a while, but the lad has surprised us all. Here, read for yourselves - a great update from Angela :o)

"Well Eddie has now been with T and P for a week and whilst there were a couple of rough nights at the beginning he has made some good progress.

P has made him a little house covering the couch in one of their rooms with his basket in there. He spends quite a bit of time in there. But he is coming out and exploring the house and is eating well too. But he just loves T and P brushing him and stroking him and he comes out of his little house.

We went up there today for a visit….and I was absolutely shocked…he wasn’t perturbed at all about 3 new adults in the house. T was brushing him and he was purring away. He popped out of his little house and came down to see us.

Then we went down to the lounge to have a coffee and down comes Mr Brave Eddie to see us…he did this about 3 times. No sign of putting his ears down or anything..tail up in the air. He went around and sniffed us. And he looks so well. He is a little hesitant but there is no fear at all I was so surprised. And he doesn’t shy away at all when you go to stroke or brush him.

He spends a lot of time on the window sill looking out in the garden. But while we were there he was going all round to have a good look then just popped back in his basket. Goes under the bed and hides but doesn’t stay there too long at all."

Go Eddie!

Not finished yet! Here's an update on Meg from Shyla:

"Phoned Meg's people again today, it is still a case of mutal love all round, (well how could it not be!) She has been allowed outside now, and is coping fine with the big outdoors. They are keeping an eye on her when she is out, as they don't want her to wander too far, and knowing her adversion to other cats, want to be there, just in case.

She is still sleeping on S's bed, inbetween her legs with her little legs in the air. S has been keeping her electric blanket on as Meg seems to love it!! She does wake at 5am for a cuddle and visit's Mr. & Mrs. T's bedroom to drink water out of a cup, and for more cuddles.

She is very talkative and loves her toy mice, races her family up and down the stairs (and wins). She is still a little jumpy around noises (they kept her in all yesterday due to fireworks) and although she loves her family, new people to the house can sometimes be a little overwhelming for her, but she has a cane basket that she retreats to in S's room where she feels safe in situations like these.

S has bought Meg a TV! (a goldfish) which she is just loving. She admits they are spoiling her rotten! She has an amazing selection of food (not a wet food eater - except roast chicken!) is using her litter box well, and it seems everyone is very happy!"

And finally for tonight, Star was homed on Sunday to a workmate of mine (with 3 young children) and has settled in brilliantly. He loves the kids and the feeling is definately mutual. He can't get enough of pats and cuddles, as you can see from this.


Ok - that's all for now. Catch you all after this weekend's homing.....

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