July 31, 2006

Thomas and Lucy find a home. As does our lovely wee Rhiannon

Well, Thomas and Lucy were adopted on Saturday and are settling in well. Sleeping on the bed the first night and begin their lovely smoochy selves.

A workmate of mine came in finally on Sunday and fell in love with our wee Rhiannon, so I'll be taking her out to them on Saturday so they've got the whole weekend to settle her in.

On the not so good news side, little Zena managed to escape on Saturday night. Her people are beside themselves and frantically looking for her. So if you're around the Brooklyn area and see our wee girl, please get in touch at catsprotectionleaguewgtn@hotmail.com.

Also Bobbie and Katt are both down at the vet today. Bobbi has an upper respiratory infection, and we're not quite sure what's up with Katt, but she's been on oxygen and morphine and is pretty miserable. A chest x-ray didn't show anything to worry about, so we're currently waiting on the blood tests to try and get a clearer picture.

And yet another lovely update on Cheeky and Boris:

"Boris is in good health and is now up to date with his inoculations. He was such a good boy at the vet, Alan commented on how relaxed he was, with no squirming, no hissing & no scratching, just a very good little cat :o)

Alan had a good look at his teeth and said that the lump was most likely a popped (yuck, poor Boris) abscess and though the top tooth seems to cut into the bottom gum, it all looked healthy and there was nothing to do. Also the habit he has of sticking his tongue out is quite normal (for him) and nothing we should be worried about (thought we should try not to laugh directly at him – as it might make him self conscious). He has a slight click in his back left leg, which he limps on a bit when he first gets up, but Alan said that was just old age and we should just keep him warm.

We going to look at giving both boys a multi vitamin just to keep them in top order and ease them through their middle years.

The delightful Cheeky is booked in for a fur appointment, manicure & pedicure (and inoculation) next Friday so we’ll have an even smarter looking boy soon ."

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July 26, 2006

Quick updates on Jacko, Stumpy and Le Roy

Talked to Jacko's new person tonight. He had his first supervised outing into the great outdoors today and all went really well. He's settling in brilliantly and is a much more relaxed and happy camper than he was in the shelter. Some cats cope OK with the multi-cat environment and some just don't. Unfortunately for Jacko, he really didn't like sharing with 30-od other cats. But now that he's got a home of his own, he's doing brilliantly.

Stumpy and Le Roy continue to thrive. Stumpy's king of all he surveys (especially the kitchen!) while Le Roy is getting more and more confident. He's now spending more time on top of the bed rather than under it, and apparently likes to bounce off the bedroom walls between 3 and 4 am. Their new people are just loving the lads, even if it is causing some serious sleep deprivation!

On the home front, I've started Little Madame on the metacam for her arthritis and it seems to be making a real difference. I guess I'd just gotten so used to her being slow and creaky that I hadn't noticed she was getting more and more stiff and sore. Tonight she waddled at real speed towards her food bowl!

Swapped shifts with H tomorrow night, so I'll be abler to make the acquaintance of the 3 new cats that have come in since Saturday, and see how Poppy, Pansy and Sooty are settling in.

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July 24, 2006

Cheeky the Brave and Boris the Much Braver (than he was)

Another lovely update on Cheeky and Boris through today:

"I’m so excited - Boris is out of his box & Cheeky is eating all meals happily in the kitchen & watching the world go by from the dining room windowsill, it’s really been a great weekend for the boys.

Boris still does the mad dash back to the bedroom and his box if he gets a fright but he and Cheeky are spending more time together sleeping on the chairs under the dining room table & generally watching the world go by. It’s really nice to see as he has spent the last week in his little box, which I’m sure is where he feels the most secure, but I was starting to worry that he would never come out – poor little Boris. He usually runs if he spots Carl (poor Carl) but today he ran at him, circled him three times, let Carl pat him and then ran off – so we think we’re making progress. Touch wood, still no fighting between the boys, even when they collided when Boris took a corner too quickly on the way back to his box.

Boris is very much a nocturnal cat, while good old Cheeky tucks himself into our bed at 9pm every night and sleeps deeply until 7am – he’s been well trained at the CPL. Boris wonders the house at night & I think this is when he got his confidence up, by Saturday morning – 4am he decided after jumping and running around our bedroom for an hour that he too would like to sleep on the bed, so up he came. Cheeky has had a few fur balls as he’s cleaning himself more and more – so I’m trying to give him a brush every day & we will get him groomed when he goes in for his injections next month sometime.

We carried Cheeky outside on Sunday morning and he sat on my lap, eyes wide for about 5 minutes until he became a wriggler and I put him back inside as I don’t want him heading off down Messines again. Cheeky has an identical twin living next door to us – it gave me quite a fright when I saw him in our garden on Sunday afternoon as I hadn’t seen Cheeky for a while and I thought he’d escaped. Luckily Cheeky is sporting a very attractive pink collar and the next door neighbour’s cat has a blue one :o)"

Awww - doesn't that just warm the cockles? It's so good to hear that these two lovely, basically very shy lads are doing so well.

Very quiet at the shelter on Sunday apparently. No one through at all blast it. Fingers crossed for next weekend.

Now, if there's anyone out there interested in adopting a rather shy but very loving approx 1 yr old short haired black girl, have a look at Victoria. She's currently being fostered by a lovely Canadian couple, as she wasn't coping with the shelter environment at all well. She's come along in leaps and bounds being in a home and now sleeps with them and sits on their laps. Unfortunately they have to go back to Canada in September, and we'd really like to find a home for her before they go so that she doesn't have to come back to the shelter.

If you'd be interested in meeting Victoria, drop me an email at kris.rogers@wise.net.nz, or call on 027 406 8814 and I can organise a meeting with her fosterers.

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July 23, 2006

Zena not-exactly-Warrior Princess

Little Zena got homed yesterday - hurrah! She was really starting to get quite the brave wee girl over the last few days. Actually up on her top shelf and not hiding in her box on friday night, and very keen for cuddles.

Meowffie's back at the shelter and seems a box of birds. Still on medication for her right eye, but it's looking pretty good.

I took Katt to the vet yesterday as friday and yesterday she was right off her food, with vomiting and diahorrea. The Saturday morning shift thought she was having trouble chewing or swallowing, so talked to C and we decided to get her down for a check. Teeth are not great but nothing to cause problems eating, so the current theory is that she's developing an intolerance to the neomercozole she's on to treat her hyperthyroid. The dose had recently been increased again as it wasn't having the desired effect, so that could be causing an adverse reaction. So, she on no meds for 5 days, then we reintroduce it again at the current dose and see what happens. If the loss of appetite/vomiting/diahorrea reoccur we'll need to look at an alternative to the neomerc.

My Little Madame seems quite a lot happier today, so I think the antibiotics are kicking in. Got the metacam from the vet yesterday but we're holding off on that as long as we can as it may lessen the effectiveness of the antibots.

H rang me last night to let me know that Squeak is now renamed Precious Cat (or PC for short) and is extremely happy in his new home. And his new person thinks he's just wonderful!

April and Bunty and also doing really well and getting on just fine. Apparently when Bunty's had enough of April wanting to play with him he just goes under the bed to get some peace and quiet. But no figthing and seem to like each other quite well.

I'll find out tomorrow how today's homings went, so if there's any happenings, I'll update again tomorrow night.

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July 21, 2006

Little Madame has a urinary tract infection! Hurrah!

To clarify that, there was a serious chance she had early stage kidney failure, so this is a good thing. A month's antibiotics and she should be fine. It also means we can look at using metacam as a long term pain relief for her
arthritis, which looks like the reason she's been having pain after eating.

Yesterday's x-ray shows bone spurs in her spine which with nerve aggravation after food look to be the cause of her hiding under the computer desk after meals and wailing. Fortunately she's the rare sort of cat that you can put anything in her food and she'll eat it, so clavulox, metacam - bring it on! She's licked her bowl clean tonight and is currently snuggled up in her bed with her hottie and heater and snoring her head off. If you've got quicktime and would like to see a video of Little Madame being very athletic, click here.

And on to the new you all want to know. Meowff had a good visit to the eye specialist. Her left eye is all healed up and the right eye is healing well but needs tricin for another week or so. I was on the evening feed tonight as usual for a friday and am constantly amazed at how good she is about it all. Considering she's been on eye medication of one sort or another for at least a year, plus uncountable vet visits, she's just so accepting of it all. (Or maybe resigned, who knows). Anyhow, tonight she was her usual cuddly self and had 2 helpings of dinner.

Ashka's doing just great in her new home. As this email from her new person will attest to:

"Good Morning

Thought you might like some stories of Ashka the loud and proud little putty twat for your blogs!!!!

You know how I said she talks a lot, well she decided she wanted to have a chat at 3am this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She plonked herself on my bedside table and stared at me meowing and carrying on with her ever so cute and funny little noises. I told her its bed time not talk time but she didn’t want to know that, so a little chat we had and eventually she snuggled up by me feet on the bed and went back to sleep.

My partner gets up at 4.30am because he starts work very early, she loves saying good morning to him then she comes back to bed to say good morning to me as well!!!!!! I have to explain to her that it is not talk time its bed time. Its sooooooooooo cute and I don’t mind at all.

Like you said she is a master at hiding in cupboards etc. Well this morning I got my trousers out of the wardrobe and closed the door, blow dried my hair and was about to walk out of the bedroom when I heard a meow. I looked under the bed but she wasn’t in her usual possie. I thought, no way the door was only open a second, opened the door and there she was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes quick alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lady also told me when she first came to CPL she had the trots very bad and spewing for 4 days or so due to change of diet possibly and stress. She has had none of that at all. I was a bit worried but all is going amazingly well. She is a bundle of joy, loves to be brushed, even managed to get my partner to brush her last night, now that’s saying something!!!!!!!!

Well that’s all for today I think or I will go on forever

Lots of meows from Ashka and thanks heaps from me "

And another lovely update from Cheeky and Boris:

"Boris is getting a little braver – we now carry him around the house to show him that it isn’t too frightening & he doesn’t struggle like he used to, but he’s still eating all his meals in the bedroom. We put his box in the sitting room at night so he can get used to us being around, the plan is that we will slowly lift the box lid as his confidence grows. We have put back the plan to let them outside for at least another three maybe four weeks after Cheeky’s speedy escape – hopefully in this time they will have started answering to their names, which is a little random at the moment.

I’m pleased to report that Boris’s tail has returned to normal. Cheeky does give him a little bit of an evil eye but I’m sure once they have access to the outside they should be fine :o)"

Well, it's late and it's been a long week, so I'm off to bed. I should have an update on April and Bunty this weekend. Night all.

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July 18, 2006

Jacko the cuddly

Talked to Jacko's new person tonight and all is still going really really well. She thinks he's just fantastic and the feeling seems to be mutual. He's sleeping on the bed and following her everywhere she goes. No aggression or spraying, so (as is so often the case) he just needed a home of his own where he's the only cat.

Little Madame (aka Miss Thrashy Tail or Jonny as she was called by her previous person) continues to be more than a bit of a worry. She had a urine test on Sunday to see if metacam would be a good long term option for pain relief for her arthritis and the results weren't very promising for her current kidney function. She's going back for the day on thursday for more tests to see if she's in the early stages of renal failure. And she continues to hide away in her "don't touch me" place after eating and cry for about 5-10 minutes before calming down and going back to bed. I'm administering the temgesic for pain relief but it's a bit of a guess what's going on. If it gets worse tonight/tomorrow she's going in tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed for my funny little girl. She's the oddest wee cat and I do love her so much.


More cat haiku from the wonderous interweb

The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule tomorrow.

You're always typing
Well, let's see you ignore my
Sitting on your hands.

My small cardboard box
You cannot see me if I
Can just hide my head.

Oh no! Big One
has been trapped by newspaper.
Cat to the rescue!

Am I in your way?
You seem to have this backwards.
This pillow's taken.

Your mouth is moving,
Up and down, emitting noise.
I've lost interest.

The dog wags his tail,
Seeking approval. See mine?
Different message.

Cats can't steal the breath
Of children. But if my tail's
Pulled again, I'll learn.

Most problems can be
Ignored. The more difficult
Ones can be slept through.

My affection is conditional.
Don't stand up,
It's your lap I love.

I don't mind being
Teased, any more than you mind
A skin graft or two.

So you call this thing
Your "cat carrier." I call
These my "blades of death."

Toy mice, dancing yarn,
Meowing sounds. I'm convinced
You're an idiot.

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July 17, 2006

Meowff's at the vet - must be tuesday

OK - well the Buffy fans should get the title even if no one else does.

Mewoff was raced off back to the vet on saturday morning as her right eye had started bleeding. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as it looked - she'd just been scratching at it - but the vet decided to keep her down there on pain relief until her appointment with the eye specialist on wednesday. She seems to have sight in both eyes so fingers crossed for a good prognosis.

Snoop's now up on the website. You can read all about our lovely wee tabby gir here. Also finally manged to get a decent photo of the lovely (but very shy) Zena.

Bobbi's been to the vet and confirmed that he's a neutered male, around 5-7years old. He has a slight heart murmer, but nothing to worry about and otherwise is in very good condition.

Reb - to answer your question - yes, of course Mr Shrek has a garment to keep him warm. Check out the poor lad here. (But no laughing at the haircut! he has a great sense of dignity as only persians can!)

Saturday's homing was a great success! Ashka went to a nice young never-want-to-have-small-children-that-would-stress-the-cat couple and by all accounts is settling in brilliantly.

And April and Bunty have gone together to a family with teenagers who are all potty about cats. So far there's been a wee bit of hissing, but no fisticuffs, and we all felt that as there was no pre-exisiting territory issues and they're both basically pretty non-aggressive ex-strays just looking for that one home to stay in, it should work out fine. More updates as they come in.

On Sunday I homed Jacko to a really nice woman who just clicked with him instantly. And (more importantly) I've never seen him respond as well to anyone as he did with her. When I rang last night all was going well. He'd checked out the whole house and was happy as Larry.

Squeak also went to his new person yesterday and I got a call from H tonight to say that he'd hidden under the bed for a couple of hours but since then has been out and about, slept on the bed and generally made himself at home.

One new cat in over the weekend. A lovely 8 yr old tabby girl called Sassy. Absolute wee sweetie, she was adopted from friends but the resident cat has never accepted her and made her life rather miserable, so her very upset people made the decision to allow her to find a new home.

And another lovely update from Cheeky and Boris' new people:

"Yesterday we learnt that our bed should be 8cms shorter.

When I got up to fed the boys in the morning there was no sign of Boris. Cheeky was quite easy to find as he had spent the night in the middle of our bed, taking up possibly more than his allocation of duvet.

After searching high and low for the little cat, I had another look under our bed (there is a very small gap between the bed and the floor) and realised there was a little hole ripped in the lower side of the bed base and a small bulge next to it & yes that bulge was Boris who had climbed into, yes actually into, the bed frame. He seemed quite happy – purring away, but we decided we couldn’t leave him there among the springs, so we untacked the material (kind of a thin cotton) from the base of the bed, luckily we could leave the sides and top untouched, and down dropped Boris, but he still didn’t seem to want to come out & I was frightened that if we lifted the bed and dragged him out poor Boris might be squashed or hurt so we left him there. At 9pm he still hadn’t surfaced, & he finally let out a little meow and we decided we had to be proactive. I reached under the bed and held a little hissing Boris in place, while Carl lifted the mattress off and then lifted the base up. No access to the toilet all day may have been getting to poor Boris as he raced out and headed straight for the litter box :o)

We decided to remove the legs from our bed straight away so poor Boris wouldn’t experience another day amongst the springs, so now we have more of a futon than a standard bed. On a positive note Cheeky seems to appreciate the bed being a little closer to the floor for his night time arrival.

Cheeky is now eating in the kitchen but is still very skittish (if we enter when he’s eating he takes off to another room) but I think that if we keep patting him and talking to him while he’s eating he will come around and realise that we’re not after his tasty cat food treats. It was only a few days ago that he wouldn’t even come into the kitchen so he’s definitely making progress. Boris was sleeping (& purring) in a box when I left, I guess his adventure amongst the springs exhausted the poor boy. "

Back in the shelter, Sparky's been diagnosed with hyperthyroid and has started on medication for that. Katt's recheck for the same condition wasn't as good as hoped and we're waiting in the T4 blood results. Magdelena and Caruso are starting to come around - sometime Magdelina even forgets to hiss at us.

OK - now trying to type and see through Monty, which isn't working so well (he being a rather solid cat). So, enough for now. More updates when I've got them.

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July 14, 2006

Friday's - how do I love thee?

OK - so the title only has something to do with friday night's shelter duty. After this week at work....

Cheered myself up greatly by looking at all the great photos of our cats that Reb's put up online here. It'd be great if I could look at this from work (when having those moments when you really need to go to your happy place) but for some reason stupid WebMarshall suspect pr0n! For goodness sake - it's cats, not pus**!

Anyhow - Meowff's back from her eye op at Massey and looking really good. I picked her up tonight on my way up to the shelter and she's very perky and HUNGRY. Had a goodly amount for dinner then did her usual "kick the litter in my box all the way to China", before settling down in her basket and happily accepting pats from her faithful worshiper. Back to Kelburn vet on wednesday for a checkup by the eye specialist. Here's hoping that this'll be the last visit to the vet for our Meowffie for a good long time!

More updates from Cheeky and Boris' new people.

"Yes, poor Cheeky he’s still a little frightened, last night we left the door to their room open and it took over an hour before he appeared in the sitting room (no sign of Boris at all). We tried not to giggle when we saw Cheeky suddenly get a bit of a fright and bolt back to his little box in the blue room, tummy swaying from side to side as his little legs ran as fast as they could.

Boris has really amazed us as he just completely ignores Cheeky, it’s really as if he is used to other cats but not to humans, though he loves being patted. Last night the boys both got new collars, Cheeky was a little perturbed, but it was Boris that I was dreading trying to put one on. I was worried that he would get very anxious as it doesn’t look like he’s wore one before, and he really can struggle if he’s not happy! Amazingly, he didn’t seem at all worried about it and afterwards even let me pick him up for a cuddle & didn’t dash straight back under the bed, yay for Boris. "

They've got some great photos up on the flickr.com site which you can see here. Libby's also started a Cats of Wellington group on the site. Want to check it out or join and put up your cat photos? Go here.

Sparky's been to the vet this week to get checked out, mostly for possible hyperthyroid. Still waiting on the blood tests, but the vets' sure he's fine. So maybe he's just channeling C2 now that his hero has been homed.

April, Bobbie and Snoop are all settling in well and all 3 were very cuddly tonight. New lad by the name of Shrek came in today. 5-7 yr old blue-grey persian ex-stray. He was so badly matted that he's had to be shaved so isn't looking or feeling his best just now. His whole coat came off in one big, nasty, matted piece. So I'd imagine once he gets over the indignity of it all, it'll be a big relief to have that gone.

On the home front, Little Madame is now on temgesic for pain relief for her arthritis and seems to be much happier. Current theory is that because she doesn't move much (unless it's towards her bowl) she stiffens up then gets sore once she does move. Hence the apparent pain after eating. Will be talking to the vet again tomorrow about what we do long term from here. It's looking to me like she's going to be needing something more to help with the arthritis from here on in. (Hopefully something not involving syringing stuff into her mouth twice a day. She is NOT amused!)

OK - here's hoping for a great homing weekend. I'll have the new cats up on the CPL website tomorrow for anyone that's interested. Please excuse the photos of Snoop - getting anything other than her very interested nose was damn difficult!

Oh and found this today. Just had to share

Cat Haikus

The food in my bowl
Is old, and more to the point
Contains no tuna.

So you want to play.
Will I claw at dancing string?
Your ankle's closer.

There's no dignity
In being sick - which is why
I don't tell you where.

Seeking solitude
I am locked in the closet.
For once I need you.

Tiny can, dumped in
Plastic bowl. Presentation,
One star; service: none.

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July 12, 2006

Cheeky and Boris bond. (Or at least don't fight)

Another email in from Cheeky and Boris' new people - all sounding really promising...

"We have good news. I went into the boys room last night and they were both sitting on the same bed, not close, but still the same bed, so I’m hoping this means that they will be friends!! Fingers crossed.

We’ve also had a bit more progress with Boris coming out from under the bed to be patted and for dinner (breakfast is still taken under the bed – but then, who would turn down breakfast in bed?). Cheeky closely watches Boris, but doesn’t react to him unless he uses the dirtbox, which I think Cheeky sees as his own personal ensuite. If poor Boris is in the dirtbox Cheeky will give a bit of a hiss but I’m working on distracting him (food seems to do this nicely!). I was showing Cheeky the hallway last night, he caught a glimpse of the fire burning in the sitting room and did not seem impressed so it will be interesting to see how long it takes before he is curled up in front of it.

I can’t get over how different Cheeky is from what I expected him to be. I thought he would hiss more at us, scratch or bite, or even hide when frightened or unsure of himself but so far (touch wood) he has kept his claws to himself (though I’ve had the odd paw tap), been very brave and seems more contented everyday. He has started to clean himself a little more which is really nice to see. I think I will wait for at least a month to get him groomed as I would hate a visit to the vet to knock his confidence, though, as you mentioned, his coat looks clean (like a man in a very smart dinner jacket) but under the top layer it’s pretty matted.

After offering many options from roast chicken to steak to cat biscuits to a variety of wet food I have found one that both boys love – the deep sea tuna special (I think it’s by dine) which smells terrible - yuck! Even little Boris came out from under the bed straight away for dinner when he smelt it and Cheeky jumped up and down (hard to imagine) with excitement and both plates were licked clean – so I’m off to do a bulk buy at lunch today.

We had a casualty in the house yesterday – Cheeky’s little catnip mouse lost its head in quite a violent attack by the big fellow. He’s really quite athletic for a larger cat and I often find his vast mouse collection scatted around the room. They both spend quite a bit of time looking out the window and I think they will both be happier once they have a little freedom in a few weeks time, but at the moment we’re waiting on Boris to become a little more confident. He still doesn’t seem to react to his name – or the name Norris which sometimes slips out :o) but we’ll keep working on this. His whiskers are starting to grow back and I have found that the dark line on his nose is where he has rubbed his fur off on something (probably the same thing that took his whiskers – he’s quite a rubber) so it may well grow back and he won’t look like he’s frowning, poor Boris. He lets out the odd mep (kind of a half meow) but spends most of his time purring or sitting quietly :o) "

And a little bit of news about Meowff. She had her eye op today and apparently it all went according to plan. She'll stay up in Palmerston North so they can assess things, and all going well, will be back down in Wellington on Friday.

Got a wonderful email from Stumpy and Le Roy's new people today. They're doing really well and Le Roy actually came downstairs this morning. Just waiting to hear back from them if they're OK with me posting the contents of the email here - if they are I'll get it up tomorrow for you all to read. (cos I'm sure there must be someone other than just Reb reading this. Hello???)

OK - off to take my wee girl to the vet. Monthly injection for her degenerative spinal disease is almost due, and she's been behaving strangely after eating - waddling under the computer desk, not wanting to be touched and letting out some truely heartbreaking wails. Almost seems like she's in pain after eating. So, off to see Aunty Kerry and get her checked out. Wish us luck!

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July 10, 2006

Cheeky the Brave - and Boris the not quite so

Updates from Cheeky and Boris' new people:

"We have progress, Cheeky the Brave is now stomping around like he owns the place, we’ve had lots of cuddles and he likes me to hold him up so he can see out the window, he even gives a cheerful meow of greeting when we enter the room. He bounces around and even chased a catnip mouse around the room for a while. Boris the Not- So- Brave is still under the bed, I did fear that he was frightened of Cheeky and was quite concerned about this, but careful observation while outside gardening showed us that he comes out happily from under the bed when we’re not in the room. He did come out once when I was there but Cheeky got a little bit of a fright, gave a hiss, and back under the bed went Boris. :o) I shall keep you posted on progress, hope all the cats are well, that’s fantastic news about Basil – he is such a cute cat. "

So fantastic progress from our Cheeky. I'm betting he's just so happy to be in a home of his own he's forgetting to be frightened. Poor Boris has had 2 scary changes to his life in a pretty short time, so it's bound to take him a bit longer to settle in, but we're sure he'll get there.

Meowff's off to the vet tonight and on her way to the eye specialist at Massey tomorrow. All fingers and toes firmly crossed that this operation will see the end of her eye problems.

And finally, met a new cat up at the shelter tonight who had to come to us when her person who's off overseas on wednesday was unable to find a new home for her. Snoop's a lovely 10 yr old tabby girl and seems like a real sweetie. M - I know you're gutted about having to leave your girl, but don't worry, we'll find her a great new home. So if there's anyone out there who'd love to live with an independant girl, who'll come to you when it's time to worship her - come on up to our Brooklyn shelter and meet our fabulous Snoop.

Will let you know how Meowff's op has gone as soon as I hear the result.

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July 09, 2006

Cheeky and Boris have a home!

On the really exciting news front, the lovely couple who spent hours at the shelter last Saturday and Sunday have adopted both Cheeky and Boris II! We're hoping that as they're both basically quite timid, non-aggressive boys that they'll settle in together OK. And these two people are the kind of real cat people that can make that sort of arrangement work if anyone can. So fingers crossed our two lads will settle into their new home.

Basil got adopted today by another young couple, so again, fingers crossed for a succesful homing.

A correction on my last entry - it's Squeak that's going to his new home in a week or so, not (unfortunately) Sparky. I say unfortunately, as we're not sure if it's because Sparky's missing his idol C2 since he's been homed or what, but he's taking on C2's less desirable personality traits to a T. Spraying in the kitchen, stalking Cheeky, aggression towards the other cats - it's actually quite eerie. Like C2 in miniature (and ginger and white instead of black and white). Here's one lad who dearly needs to get out of the shelter and into a home of his own.

We've had two new cats in this week which I'll get up on the CPL website next weekend. Little April is a lovey 1 yr old tabby girl, and Bobbi who's a very pretty grey tabby and white ex-stray of yet-to-be-determined-sex. My guess is female, around 3-5 yrs old, but a vet visit will give us a more accurate idea of that. Seems like a lovely cat, with a fair bit of siamese in him/her judging by the yowl emitting from the cage on the passengers seat of my car all the way from Karori to the shelter, and by the aristo-catic shape of her face.

And finally, Meowff goes to the eye specialist for her operation tomorrow, so anyone wanting to pray to the patron saint of cats for a successful outcome, please do so! Good luck Meowffie - we're all thinking of you.

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July 06, 2006

We have vision!

Just a quick update. First and foremost - Meowff can see! Definately got vision in her right eye and some in her left. She went to the eye specialist yesterday and he's decided that she needs an operation on both eyes which will hopefully fix her problems. I got the update on her from C who was a bit fuzzy about what it actually entailed, but apparently it's pretty low risk and the specialist is convinced it's the only option for her. And (bless him) he's doing it at a discount rate for us, so only $1000 instead of the usual $1,600. I tell ya, our Meowffie had better finally be homed to a very special person, cos at this rate she's going to be a gold plated cat!

I swopped with H tonight for the evening feed and Mewoff was very smoochy and seemed in really good spirits (as usual). She's really an incredibly resilient cat. Come on people - come in and meet her! Someone needs to see what a special girl she is and give her a home of her own.

On the homing front, pretty slow on the weekend. Squeak's got a hold on him and will be going to his new home in a couple of weeks. 2 new cats in - Ashka, a lovely 3-5 yr old long haired grey and white girl, and Bunty, a lovely short haired grey and white stray. I'll get Bunty onto the CPL website once we've had him/her vet checked and determined what sex s/he is.

My wee Rhiannon was just lovely tonight. Out of her basket and rolling around having tummy rubs and playing with her catnip mouse. Such a change from a month or so ago when it was all terrified spitting and scratching.

Stumpy (Bryan) and Le Roy contine to improve in their new home. I've got an invite to visit this weekend so looking forward to seeing the boys. And dear Toby's slowly settling in and doing really well with his new person.

Here's looking forward to a good weekend's homing.

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