December 27, 2008

A glut of materialism

Christmas presents were pretty awesome this year, plus boxing day sales goodness. I am metaphorically rolling around in the excess of newness.

Awesome presents included: Fraggles board game, which I totally had as a child and didn't remember until I saw the playing pieces. (Thanks Steve!) Chocolates, dried strawberries, neat designer notepad and magnets and lots of Lush stuff. Mmmmm Lush.

New DVDs acquired: House season 4, because we loves the House and the Wilson and the Chase. Well, I do. Lee loves Cameron ;p

Veronica Mars season 2. So so good. Lee's little brother finally got around to watching season 1 so this was immediately lent to him so he can get up to date on it. I love season 2 because it has some wicked awesome Logan stuff. Ah Logan...

I know I already mentioned The Planet Earth but I thought I should point out why I am so happy with this. Nature documentaries are love, I mean, cute baby animals, silly birds doing mating dances, pretty landscapes and footage of predators doing their's all pretty breathtaking. I also look on this series a little bit as an entire encyclopedia of wildlife and also a snapshot of how the world is. For all I know the Earth won't resemble this at all in thirty years so...

The boxing day sales yielded The Little Mermaid, Gossip Girl season one, Dirty Sexy Money and a film called Valley of Gwangi about cowboys who wrangle dinosaurs instead of cows. Oh yeah.

Lee bought a digital Trivial Pursuit game with his Christmas vouchers and is busily downloading questions to it now. Should be fun?

PoF: Layers, it's colder than it looks outside
CO: should I move to a more customisable, less finicky blog provider? One that won't eat people's comments? One with better image functionality? Is blogspot any good?

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