December 22, 2008

To Do List:

For today and tomorrow, but the more I can get done fast the more time I'll have to chill/watch DVDs Lee doesn't like/get writing done.

  • Grocery shopping for more chocolate melts, gladware, lemon, orange, candy canes. While out also go to Gordon Harris for more silver sparkly fabric paint, as 'Team Edward' shirts are popular and I've now run out.
  • Make chocolates, cookies (Lebkuchen dough made yesterday, bake it up tomorrow.) Afghans, spice crisps.
  • Finish Giffy's Christmas present.
  • Take photo of self in sugerised t-shirts for putting on Trade Me
  • Scrub down bathroom....funsies.
  • Figure out what to wear on Christmas day.

Sure I've forgotten something in there....

Now, to get dressed!

PoF: robe
CO: eggs

Posted by jenni at December 22, 2008 10:20 AM
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