December 20, 2008

Occupying oneself over the 'olidays

I know a lot of people have time off coming up or planned in the near future, so here's a list of stuff to do around Wellington that come with the Jenni endorsement [tm].

  • Go and see a movie repeated from the Film Festival. Currently screening at the Paramount is And when did you last see your father? which I enjoyed very much. Penthouse has The Savages and In Bruges which are both at Lighthouse Petone as well in case that is more convenient for you.

  • Go to Te Papa and look at the Colossal Squid! I actually haven't done this myself yet, but I will very soon. I am a bit scared of squids, but I figure a dead one can't hurt me.

  • If it's a sunny day go for a walk along the waterfront. Look in the water for stingrays. They especially like to chill out along the rocky parts by Wagamama and the Loaded Hog, in my experience. And there's heaps of fish in the lagoon, so sometimes you can see a ray scooting around in there.

  • Get some tasty food and drink at one of Wellington's awesome cafes. I can especially recommend the baby back ribs, barbeque chicken po boys and curly fries from Sweet Mother's Kitchen, the bacon at Roxy and the waffles at Leuven.

  • I'd usually recommend the city gallery as well, but it's closed for major renovations, so how about surfing Trade Me for art you like and buying something direct from the artist? There's some astonishingly cheap stuff on there if you look. Or you could just go to Pop Up on Ghuznee St and look at their awesome collections.

  • The beach the beach! Wellington beaches tend to be a bit stony and/or packed with people and/or freezing to swim in, but on the right day they can be a pretty sweet deal. Alternatively you could grab some friends and road trip up to Paraparaumu beach or Waikanae, it's usually warmer up there. Even in the water.

  • Picnics. Call or text around, get whoever's free to meet you at the Gardens or Waitangi Park or wherever your favourite spot is and bring tasty foods. Good fun. If no one else can make it take a book and some sunscreen and crash out on the grass on your own. Or do what I do and take a notebook and write fiction in a place with no distractions!

I thinking about setting up a text list for people who are willing to be summoned for impromptu picnics/beaching/chillaxing in a public place. Email me if you want to be added :)

PoF: christened icebreaker top by dropping chocolate on it
CO: Christmas is all around me and so the feeling grows

PS. crafty types should check out today's advent calendar image on my lj.

Posted by jenni at December 20, 2008 12:53 PM
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