May 28, 2006


Contrary to popular belief I did not stand over Norm saying "Push the Button! Push the button!" I stood over him saying "Render it NOW! Render it NOW!"

This weekend has been a sort of delirious rush of cold, rain, monsters and lots of mud. My sleep wasn't too bad, I got home late Friday after the writing and had early starts both days but since all our scenes were exteriors we couldn't shoot into the night so after seeing what the rough cuts of what we had I was allowed to come home and start falling asleep at my normal time.

I'm feeling very drained now but the best and most important thing is that we made an awesome film "Monster Hunter IV: Beyond Repair" and we got it handed in with time to spare. We sent Morgue (Mr Meltyman the monster) down to the Embassy with the 'safety cut' at 5.30, and then the finished version left at 6,40ish. We watched it through so we know the sound is fine and man, it looks good.

Once again I am astounded at the lengths my friends will go to for a common goal. Our team was a natch bigger this year, notable additions were the stunties, but it still felt friendly, co-operative and wonderful. There were no 'buried in bananas' shots like last year but all sorts of problems with the mud.

I'm not sure I'm making much sense at this point, I am exhausted and sleep deprived, but I wanted to sort of expell this stuff from my head as much as I can so I can get to sleep easily tonight. I've had a couple of glasses of bubbly and am feeling rather calm.

I have a sore throa; hopefully after my day of rest tomorrow it will go away.

PoF: trapeze girls and trackpants
CO: getting some sleep

Posted by jenni at May 28, 2006 09:40 PM