August 10, 2005

The medicine does nothing!

Once again I find myself under attack from the pollen of the world.

I'm taking Claratyne and finding it less than effective. It made me a bit better on Saturday and Monday but today it's overwhelmed. There are just too many allergens in the atmosphere. I am a nose-blocked sneezing itchy eyes sleepy achey mass of hayfever.

Might mosey over to the chemist and see if they can't suggest something else. I got Claratyne because my Dad bought it on my behalf and it was on special.

Tonight is High Society night. I may sleep through it, although I like the movie so much I won't want to. So, once again I feel bleh.

At home I'm reading my new Fruits Basket mangas, at work (in lunchbreaks) I am reading through my pile of strong female lead books. At the moment it's the first one in the Magic Treehouse series which has a male and female pair as lead characters. The girl is definitely the braver of the two but the make is the main character and it's pretty much from his point of view. Not ideal in other words.

Posted by jenni at August 10, 2005 11:10 AM