June 01, 2004

Chu! Chu!

Up down left right hey! hey! Chu!

Iona is sad that I didn't buy lip blam on Sunday. I am glad I didn't buy bee-but butter!

I guess lip blam would come in a little tube, you put it on and your lips explode. I'm not sure what the point of lip blam is. Maybe like a chemical peel localised on your lips? Anyway I'm sure there are masochists who would buy it.

You could have strawberry flavoured lip blam and maybe nuclear strength lip blam for when your lips are stubbornly keeping their shape.


I am bidding on My Little Ponies on Trademe *again*. I go wild and bid for a whole bunch and then I have regret because I shouldn't waste my money like that. So I sit and hope I get out-bid. I normally do because I don't hang around at the time the auction runs out. There are usually people who do and they get the thing I don't really want.


My neck actually feels better today. It isn't as hurty as it was. I think I am actually getting better. This is cause for celebrationary peeps. I wish you could still get peeps in Wellington. In Cowboy Bebop you can still buy them even though it's the far future and lots of Earth has been abandoned. Although they are called Pyokos on Cowboy Bebop and neither Jet, Faye or Spike will eat them.

Nobilis tonight. Should be fun.

I am making Beef Stroganoff for dinner. I have never made stroganoff before so wish me luck. I don't know why but Lee suddenly decided he wanted stroganoff. Go figure. Stroganoff is an exceptionally silly word. It is made up of two silly parts: Strog and anoff:

"Excuse me while I go strog some food together."
"Make sure to add enough anoff!"


Posted by jenni at June 1, 2004 04:49 PM