January 20, 2004

Maisy mouse, RPGnet

This morning I read a book in storytime called Maisy's Rainbow Dream. I believe I've mentioned Maisy Mouse before, as a rule I find the pictures cute and the stories bland.

Maisy's rainbow dream on the other hand is fantastic. I like to call it "Maisy takes drugs" because the images in her dream strongly ressemble cartoons from the Beatle's druggy Yellow Submarine era. Lots of striking colours and weird variations of the norm, like a teapot with legs, or a turtle whose shell is a slice of watermelon.


The other thing I've done today is join Central RPG net, after Morgue linked to me there. I have since been obsessively reading and posting there. It is extremely active right now in the Post kapcon excitement. I'm really enjoying it.

I have been inspired to run a couple of games after Kapcon. I want to run a Jane Austen type game where the characters all have the goal of "land a good, rich husband". I also want to run an Engel game, but not before I've actually read the book!

I have vague ideas in my head, one based on a Studio Ghibli short I watched called "On your Mark". It's very beautiful and made me cry. Because I'm a big sook. Just lovely.

I also want to play in some of the games I missed out on at kapcon. RPG net is full of this! I especially want to play Tomb of Horrors and Donna's Little Fears game. I like Little Fears. I might want to buy it.

I wish I didn't want to buy things, it makes saving so hard!

Finished reading: The Other Madonna which is a fantastic Young woman novel, set in Australia where the main character is extremely human, emotional and irrational and seems to be able to heal with her hands when she wants to.
Very cool.

Posted by jenni at January 20, 2004 12:57 PM