September 06, 2003

movie rants

I saw League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen again. I liked it better the first time.

I was sitting between two friends who kept pointing out inaccuracies to me, which got in the way of my blind adoration for the movie. Or at least, my experience of it the first time. It was still fun though.

Plus, saw a long extended trailer for Pirates of the Carribean with my two favourite boys in it. It's out next week, I'm going on Saturday :)
I am a little concerned that Orlando doesn't wash his hair enough in this one, though. Ah well, if he doesn't, I'll just watch Two Towers again.

Am going to see Finding Nemo tonight, also for the second time. (Ths first time was ages ago at a sneak preview at Weta studios. I have friends in high/strange places). Looking forward to that, even if I seem to be the only person on Earth that thinks the seagulls say "mine". Everyone else seems to think they say "mate".

If anyone else has seen it I'd love to know what your opinions are...

Posted by jenni at September 6, 2003 10:22 AM