July 09, 2007

Busan, Fukuoka and links

An-nyong haseyo,

Here's a quick update from Korea -

The new job in Busan seems to be an all round improvement - friendlier
boss with better English, university students who don't have to be
told to be quiet and listen, same pay for fewer hours, better
apartment and more interesting town. Busan has big hills, buddhist
temples, beaches, museums, nightlife etc and the air quality's not
quite as bad as Seoul (seabreeze helps). I'm in Pusan National
University area so there are lots of students around and at least one
live music venue. And you can buy New Zealand kiwifruit here. The
split shifts take some getting used to but I should be into the rhythm
of it before long.

My American workmate Jeff (from Pittsburgh) took some video from the
roof of our apartment building - it's at

I've put my first new music tracks from Korea up on
http://www.sendspace.com/file/m10c2u and www.myspace.com/fiffdimension
- have a listen, see what you think. The first one is a musique
concrete piece crossfading from Australian to Korean sounds via
airport recordings, and the other (BFD) is an insightful piece of
sociopolitical commentary with a dance beat.

My first trip to Japan last Monday/Tuesday was interesting - first thing
I noticed was they drive on the left, and seem to be more careful
drivers. They also seem to combine their ancient and modern styles in
fashion and art quite well, whereas the Koreans keep them separate.
Japan seemed like a more multicultural society and more used to the
west - everything's expensive though.

Plans for the near future include starting Korean lessons, hiking up
Geumjeong mountain, searching out the local music scene and visiting
the migratory bird sanctuary.



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