January 16, 2007

Wellington countdown

I'm coming back to Wellington on Wednesday morning for a few days. We're on a one-month countdown to Steampunk Folktronica in the Fringe Festival. It's a new show about New Zealand in the late 19th & early 20th century - to be held at the NZ Film Archive on February 16th & 17th.

It's a fairly classy venue and I got $1000 funding for the show, so that's progress.

This week I've got to go to the Film Archive and collect pre-1919 film footage, and get photos from the Alexander Turnbull library with which to assemble the video. Then there's the Fringe office to visit, the programme launch on Friday, and music rehearsals.

As usual I don't get nervous about playing but I do get nervous that no one will show up to see it. That would suck, so can't let that happen.

Wellington in general makes me nervous actually...

There are also the Nelson gigs at Yaza Cafe on Saturday 27th of January and 10th of February.

And a new job at the DOC visitor centre - nice to have a foot back in the door at that organisation after the kakariki disaster of 2004. I'm seriously thinking of coming back to Nelson in a year or two and enrolling for the ranger training course... but first there's overseas travel and before that these shows.

Off to a flying start for 2007.

And after three weeks my ankle injury, a surprisingly bad grass burn I got playing softball on Christmas day, is nearly better. With all the new skin on my foot, at least part of me is getting younger...


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